AJWorld.net is the homepage of AJ Kelly, a man of many hats. A software developer with a creative streak, AJ's interests include programming, pixeling, and reverse engineering. This site is but a small part of AJ's world; you may want to check the About page for more information.

Site News

Just so there's an actual record of how little I'm actually updating ;)

New Article: "Number 31" 2016/11/10 11:26

I ended up writing something about my current projects, now that I'm another year older. There still needs to be a second article written, and I'll update this post when that's available.

Fire Pro section opened 2016/10/23 18:41

The VPW section was getting lonely, plus I needed to make sure people could get to the FPR Logo Viewer site from my page somehow.

There's also this thing called the Fire Pro Coal Mines, but detailed information on that is going to have to wait until some other time.

StepMania sections closed 2016/08/14 18:36

The StepMania Repository section of the site is no longer available. Both the main page and the SM5 Theme Update section weren't really being updated in the past months anyways, so there's no real reason to bother keeping those parts up.

New Beginnings: PC Engine/TurboGrafx 16 Development 2016/04/17 15:54

A new site section has been added: PC Engine/TurboGrafx 16 Development. I hope to add information, examples, and utilities in the future.

2015: Year in Review 2016/01/16 14:49

2015 was a pretty good year for me, so I decided to write about it. Check the Writings section.

Family Picross obviously didn't get finished in 2015. Ah well.

2015 is here 2015/01/09 20:06

I wasn't kidding when I wrote "how little I'm actually updating". Most of my time has been spent working on the freemlib for Neo-Geo, which I am now testing by using it to port The Last Eichhof. I have a long way to go, especially where audio is concerned. Right now, the main menu is complete, including cursor movement and palette cycling. Outside of that, only one screen is considered "complete", and that's the "but Alpha-Helix strikes back with" part of the intro because it's easy. :p

Outside of Neo-Geo programming, the past few months have been mostly quiet. The StepMania 5 Theme Update section of my StepMania Repository gets updated every now and then. I still have a lot of theme work I'd like to finish (hello, foonmix port), but for the time being, that has been put on the back burner. Family Picross is another project that's been on the back burner thanks to Neo-Geo development, but I hope to finish it this year (at the earliest) or in TW-TW-TWENTY SIXTEEN.

New Design (and some other stuff) 2014/06/02 22:00

So hey, I've finally gotten around to redesigning AJWorld.net again. It has been a long time since the last real redesign, so this is overdue. I've also added a few sections to the site: StepMania Repository and Neo-Geo Development. The StepMania Repository is meant to host a few files and be a source of StepMania 5 theme update news (via StepMania Theme Update) when I'm not lazy. Neo-Geo Development is what it sounds like: developing things for the Neo-Geo.