2015: A Year in Review

All things considered, I had a pretty good 2015. For the second year in a row, I've been primarily focusing on Neo-Geo development, with some pretty good results. 2015 was also the year I decided to detatch myself from StepMania, for multiple reasons. I don't remember everything that went on last year, but here's some highlights.


My GitHub profile says I've made 395 commits in the last year (granted, that's using January 16, 2015 as a starting point). 2015 saw the release of a few Neo-Geo related tools: NeoSpriteConv and the ADPCM-A encoder. I've also contributed to the Neopen BIOS project (primarily adding/fixing up game information).

The Kindness of Strangers

My favorite part of 2015 was dealing with some very cool people (Black Jack and NeoHomebrew in particular). These two awesome people decided to send me things in exchange for helping out with Neo-Geo code... so I'm now the owner of an Amiga 600, a MVS, and a Neo-Geo CDZ (which arrived in 2016 but I'm counting it here).

It's pretty funny how two years of Neo-Geo development got me more respect and recognition than 10 years of StepMania theming and development.


Family Picross didn't get finished, as expected. Too caught up in Neo-Geo work. Many other ideas have been thrown around, for both NES and Neo-Geo. Some other bad ideas have also come up (namely unofficial ports of games to other systems), but none of those were really worked on.


2015 was a good year. Here's hoping 2016 is just as good (or better).