Neo-Geo Programming Guide


Welcome to a work-in-progress guide to programming SNK's Neo-Geo hardware. This guide is geared towards those using assembly language. If you don't want to use assembly, other options exist, but they will not be covered here. It's important to note that this guide won't actually teach you how to code a game, nor will it teach you 68K or Z80 assembly. The primary goal here is to show you how the Neo-Geo works so you can interact with it.

If you don't have any experience programming, don't worry too much; all of the code examples will be commented as much as possible. Good news is that the programming portions come much later.

Using the Guide

Above the main header on each page is the navigation bar. The main sections of the guide can be accessed from the top line. When in a section, a second line might appear. The second line will contain links to different sub-sections of the current section.

This guide written by AJ/freem, 2014-2015.
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