Tools – Neo-Geo Programming Guide

Development Tools

In order to program for the Neo-Geo, you're going to require a few tools. Since I'm extremely lazy, not everything mentioned here is linked, meaning you'll have to actually search the Internet for it. In addition, there's also the chance that the program won't run on your OS, which means you have to work even harder. OOPS!


Unless you have a way of running code on real hardware (e.g. a flashcart, burning a CD, etc.), a lot of your testing is going to be done on emulators.

Also, tell me to stop being lazy and assemble a NeoShock release.


Assemblers do the dirty work of converting your source code to a binary.

By no means are these your only options. These are just merely the ones I have tested. The developers who modified MVSTracker changed its driver to compile with WLA-DX, so that might be worth checking out for your Z80 needs.

My overall recommendations (as far as P ROMS are concerned) are ASM68k, then vasm, in that order. I'm leaning towards using vasm for my projects, however, due to cross-platform availability.


Neo-Geo graphics are stored in "odd" formats, whether they're sprites or fix layer tiles. In order to work with Neo-Geo graphics, you're going to need to find ways to convert the files to workable formats.


Personally, I do not know much about getting sound out of the Neo-Geo, so you might want to ask around the Neo-Geo development community...

It's known that the MVSTracker player (M1 ROM) does not work on hardware. It seems like the fix is simple, but I have not looked into it yet.

Other Tools

There are a number of other tools you'll want to have lying around when making Neo-Geo software.

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