Program Setup – Neo-Geo Programming Guide

Program Setup

In order to make a "working" Neo-Geo binary, you don't really need to have much code. However, if you want to make sure no stone is unturned, keep reading...

68K Header

The 68K header begins at $0 and defines the Supervisor Stack Pointer, Initial Program Counter, and various vector points.

Location Description Notes
$00 Initial Supervisor Stack Pointer  
$04 Initial Program Counter  
$08 Bus Error  
$0C Address Error Used by Debug BIOS for starting the Monitor.
$10 Illegal Instruction  
$14 Divide by 0 YOU CAN'T DO THIS!!! but your game/program can catch it in case it does.
$18 CHK Instruction  
$1C TRAPV Instruction  
$20 Privilege Violation  
$24 Trace  
$28 Line 1010 Emulator Used when running an instruction of the format $Axxx.
$2C Line 1111 Emulator Used when running an instruction of the format $Fxxx.
$30-$3B Reserved  
$3C Uninitialized Interrupt Vector  
$40-$5F Reserved  
$60 Spurious Interrupt  
$64 Level 1 Interrupt Level 2 INT on NeoGeo CD!
$68 Level 2 Interrupt Level 1 INT on NeoGeo CD!
$6C Level 3 Interrupt  
$70 Level 4 Interrupt  
$74 Level 5 Interrupt  
$78 Level 6 Interrupt  
$7C Level 7 Interrupt  
$80-$FF Traps  

Neo-Geo Header

The Neo-Geo header begins at $100 and represents the bulk of the required code for making a booting binary.

Location Description Notes
$100 "NEO-GEO" magic number/string NEO-GEO
$107 System Version (1 byte)  
$108 NGH number (1 word [2 bytes]) 0000 prohibited.
$10A Program size in bytes (1 longword [4 bytes])  
$10E Pointer to 68K user backup RAM block (1 longword [4 bytes]) First two bytes are Debug DIPs.
$112 Size of save game in bytes (1 word [2 bytes])  
$114 Eye-catch animation flag (1 byte) 0=Handled by BIOS; 1=Handled by game; 2=Nothing
$115 Sprite bank number for BIOS eyecatch (1 byte) Used if $114 is 0. Always shown on Universe BIOS.
$116 Pointer to Japanese soft DIP (1 longword [4 bytes])  
$11A Pointer to USA soft DIP (1 longword [4 bytes])  
$11E Pointer to European soft DIP (1 longword [4 bytes])  
$122 JMP to USER subroutine  
$12E JMP to DEMO_END  
$134 JMP to COIN_SOUND  
$182 Pointer to Security Code (1 longword [4 bytes])  

Security Code

You might find this being called "Trap Code" as well. It's just another thing required by the system before you can boot the game. The value at $182 must point to it as well.

	dc.l $76004A6D,$0A146600,$003C206D,$0A043E2D
	dc.l $0A0813C0,$00300001,$32100C01,$00FF671A
	dc.l $30280002,$B02D0ACE,$66103028,$0004B02D
	dc.l $0ACF6606,$B22D0AD0,$67085088,$51CFFFD4
	dc.l $36074E75,$206D0A04,$3E2D0A08,$3210E049
	dc.l $0C0100FF,$671A3010,$B02D0ACE,$66123028
	dc.l $0002E048,$B02D0ACF,$6606B22D,$0AD06708
	dc.l $588851CF,$FFD83607
	dc.w $4e75

Software DIPs

Most arcade games use physical dip switches to change the game settings. Since the Neo-Geo uses multiple cartridges, these dip switches needed to be moved to the software side.


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