AJ/freem's Neo-Geo Development Page - NGFX v0.151125 beta 5 Preview

(posted date: 2015/12/01)

NGFX has gone through a lot of changes in the past month... Let's recap the previous versions before diving into this one.

v0.1510x Beta 1

This is the one I wrote about before.

v0.1510x Beta 2

v0.1510x Beta 3

v0.151111 Beta 4

NGFX v0.151125 beta 5

And now, the latest version. This version represents the biggest leap in terms of changes and new features. The interface itself hasn't changed much, but a lot of things under the hood have.

The most welcoming features are undo (even without redo) and the importing of other image types.

The main interface is the same as ever. I've enabled the "Show Colornumber" option in the below screenshot, which gives you a palette index for each color.

A picture of the main interface of NGFX with some files open.

After a polishing period and some testing, blastar is looking to release this in December. Let's hope everything goes to plan. :)

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