This page is still very much a work in progress; I update it every now and then when I'm not focusing on programming. ;)

Last Updated 2017/04/17:

It's been a long time... No, I didn't disappear. I've had my hands full with other things.

That's it for now... A certain demo that appeared at a certain demoparty has me wanting to violently switch directions after the announcement of a certain videogame forced me into another direction entirely (hence the absence).


Stuff I wrote, or had a hand in developing. You should also check out the general utilities page for more tools.

Documents, Guides, etc.





Examples and Other Stuff

Tool Binaries


vasm is a portable and retargetable assembler. Ideally, you should compile it yourself, but I recognize that's not always possible for everyone. v1.7h is the current "release" version as of 2017/02/06.

Older Versions/68000 with Motorola Syntax

Older Versions/Z80 with oldstyle Syntax


vlink is a portable linker. Much like vasm, you are expected to compile the binaries yourself... v0.15d is the current release version as of 2017/02/06.

Older Versions

byteswap (Hans Vahlenkamp)

Before I ported ROMWak, I searched the Internet for some open source tools, including a byte swapping utility. I found one that fit the bill and am providing it here, just in case.

Future Plans

No promises on release dates for any of these.


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