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Various tools that can be helpful for your Neo-Geo development experience. This list is not meant to be exhaustive. It's also a work in progress, as I search for things, both in my collection and on the Internet. I am only responsible for the tools that have my name ("freem") in the Author column.


The things that turn your code into program binaries.

Name Author Description
vasm Volker Barthelmann, Frank Wille, et al Can be compiled to support Z80 and M68K, among others. See front page for pre-built 32-bit Windows binaries.
AS Alfred Arnold, et al Supports M68K and Z80, among others (e.g. Hitachi 6301, TLCS-900).
gcc GNU Project gcc and friends can be compiled to target the M68K. Pre-built binaries exist as part of the NeoDev kit.
ASM68K S.N. Systems Part of the Psy-Q devkit. Link goes to a modified version that will work on 64-bit Windows.
ngdevkit Damien Ciabrini, et al The return of the SourceForge project; provides a more recent GCC-based toolchain, among other tools.
devkitm68k Alvaro Navarro, et al "Just another Neo-Geo SDK".


These tools can help you deal with Fix and Sprite tiles.

Name Author Description
YY-CHR.NET Yy Graphics editor supporting many console formats.
NeoFixFormat freem Plugin for YY-CHR.NET to open and edit Fix layer tiles. (e.g. .s1 and .FIX files)
Neo-Geo Graphic Tool Suite evo Converts Fix and Sprite tiles between SNES and Neo-Geo (MVS) formats. 8-bit/Fix tools are slightly broken; 16-bit/Sprite tools are ok.
gfxcnv iq_132 Converts MVS Sprite tiles (.c1/.c2) to CD Sprite tiles (.SPR). Part of MVS to NGCD Conversion Kit.
Neo Geo Graphics Tools Anonymous/SpekSNK Includes Fix Editor, SPR Editor, Image adjuster, and NG to NGCD graphic conversion tools.
NGFX blastar Tool that can handle .FIX/S1, .SPR/C*, TITLE_*.SYS (editing for all three), and LOGO_*.SYS (viewing only) files
NGFX - ColorFade-Calculator blastar Tool for generating color/palette fades.
NGFX - ImageGrid and -map Tool blastar Tool for exporting tilemaps and images with grids?
DATimage Glinkie Games (Mega Shocked?) Tool for quantizing images for Neo-Geo display.


Various sound-related tools.

Name Author Description
Audacity Audacity team Open-source, cross-platform audio editor.
MVSTracker w/mods Ivan Mackintosh, et al A modified version of MVSTracker, a music tracker. Apparently the NG Z80 driver doesn't work on real hardware...
ADPCM-B Encoder Fred/FRONT and ValleyBell Command line ADPCM-B Encoder and Decoder. Includes source code and Windows binary.
Neo Sound Builder Jeff Kurtz/Neobitz Windows GUI program for creating M1/Z80 and V*/PCM files.


They're not always perfect, but you don't want to keep burning CDs or flashing ROMs now, do you?

Name Author Description
MAME/MESS MAME and MESS teams Supports Neo-Geo (single and multi-slot), Neo-Geo CD(Z), Neo-Geo Pocket (Color). Includes a great debugger.
Final Burn Alpha FBA team Supports Neo-Geo (single and multi-slot) and Neo-Geo CD(Z).
RAINE RAINE team Supports Neo-Geo (single slot only) and Neo-Geo CD(Z).


Tools that don't fit in the other sections.

Name Author Description
NeoGeo Memcard Tool Fabrice Martinez A tool for managing Neo-Geo memory cards.
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